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Outstanding service that measures up

Outsourcing call centre services involves challenging and complex decisions. We understand your concerns, which is why our main goal is to optimize return on your investment while maintaining the level of service that your reputation is based on.

We tailor our methods and technologies to the tasks you entrust us with. This is how we have developed our multi-faceted expertise since 1995.

Our areas of expertise

Customer service

At VOXDATA, we represent your interests by putting quality first with every call we answer.

We provide :

  • Agents with experience in your field, custom-trained to apply your customer standards of service and brand messaging
  • Networked contact centres to guarantee a uniform service level, whatever the time of day or language of the caller
  • Seamless integration with your back-end systems and databases
  • Rapid deployment capabilities for prompt adjustments and last-minute initiatives

Our customer service extends to every type of customer care, including :

Crisis management

Effective crisis management must be planned before disaster strikes. We can supply the means and resources right now to get you through that difficult experience.

Our services include :

  • An integrated operations network managed by specially trained staff
  • Bilingual operators (English and French)
  • Continuously updated knowledgebase providing operators with the most up-to-date information for callers
  • Expertise in managing calls that require special, personalized handling
  • Automatic messaging to keep callers continuously informed of breaking developments

Email management

The volume of email messages you receive from customers can quickly become overwhelming. We boast the technological infrastructure and expertise to effectively manage your incoming email for you.

Our services include :

  • Reception, validation, and follow-up of general email inquiries
  • Automated email reply programming
  • Referral to the appropriate department or individual where a personalized response is called for
  • Customer satisfaction follow-up

Business-to-business services (B2B)

We can boost your inside sales efforts, no matter what the size of your business or what you sell. Look to us to help

  • Expand your customer base
  • Increase your income with upselling and cross-selling strategies for existing customers
  • Optimize customer retention
  • Reduce sales costs to maximize ROI

Our sales support services include :

  • Lead generation
  • Database updating and management
  • Account maintenance services for your existing customer base
  • Sales management for your small and medium-sized accounts

Quality assurance program

We develop programs tailored to your quality standards and meticulously apply them to maximize your client communications.

Our programs include

  • Management of remote monitoring and analysis of all customer interactions
  • Score card preparation and periodic reporting on quality and customer satisfaction indicators
  • Call archiving and cataloguing for quick sample recovery
  • Quality assurance consulting services


Using field agents and our outbound alert messaging system, we can improve the efficiency of your collection efforts. Our specialized team can help reduce losses and delinquencies.

Our services include :

  • Early stage collections
  • Loss prevention
  • Small balance collections
  • Outbound overdue payment alerts