VOXDATA: over 25 years of passion and innovation!

Our mission? To protect the brand of our clients through each interaction

For more than two decades, we have been constantly evolving, creating stronger human connections through compassion and innovation. That’s because we believe in the importance of effective communication. After all, everyone deserves to be heard and supported, and that includes our clients and employees, but also your customers

We’re always evolving

We’re proud to adapt our business and service offer to the most recent technological advances and have been doing so since 1996, all to your benefit.

Innovating to enhance our agility, today and tomorrow

People have always been at the heart of our approach, which is why we confidently embrace artificial intelligence. We successfully navigate this technological shift by creating an optimal synergy between artificial and human intelligence.

By managing this transition in a way that respects our values, we create an even more rewarding environment for our employees while providing outstanding services to our clients.

A company culture focused on coaching

We know that happiness in the workplace is essential to talent retention and to our clients’ success. That is why our employees are among the most privileged in the industry. They even describe their working conditions as exceptional.

Who we are?

Our human approach allows us to fully focus on helping our clients and team members achieve professional success. Curious to learn more about our company values?


At VOXDATA, our desire to keep people at the core of all our actions is what sets us apart. In our opinion, empathy, attentiveness and compassion are of the utmost importance.


We don’t compromise on quality! It remains the focus of each interaction because we value excellence and cherish our clients’ trust in our abilities to preserve their brand image.


Working with a dedicated partner means counting on people committed to your brand’s success. All this in a motivating atmosphere!

That stand out 

Our prestigious Class A office buildings are centrally located to ensure the well-being and comfort of our teams. VOXDATA employees benefit from an appealing and ergonomic environment that fosters professional growth.

Want to know more?
Get in touch to discuss which outsourcing solutions are right for you. We look forward to our future collaboration!
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